Here are the Steps to Writing a Song

Songwriting purposes are different and methods too. Regardless of your main goals of writing a song, you should first of all be aware of the most productive ways to start a song. 

In this article, we’ll discuss the most useful ideas and techniques of writing a song and will give a step-by-step guide in your journey in the big world of music. Of course, you may get a lot of advice from people surrounding you but the tips described below are used by pros and they truly work. So, if you want to send the message you are willing to send your audience and if you want to make them listen to your song till the end, then you should make sure you have started it the right way and you know how to start out your song string.

A Memorable Title

It goes without saying that your first task is to think of a title. However, it’s important to focus on an idea that contains the message you want to send. On the other hand, it should also be memorable enough, so that people could easily find the song afterward. 

It should reach the hearts of the listeners and make them think, get excited or just find something that interests them. In fact, the majority of hits have outstanding titles that attract people, and they have some exciting backgrounds. You can also use matching images with the title to influence the visual concept of the viewers and listeners.

Well Structured Lyrics

Now, as you have the desired title, you can move on to the lyrics. While writing the lyrics, you should keep in your mind that today’s most popular songs are written according to the following structure: Verse / Chorus / Verse / Chorus / Bridge / Chorus. Depending on the style of your song, and the ones you prefer, you can find the golden mean and following this structure, write awesome lyrics.

Imagery and Action Words 

When writing the lyrics try to include more feelings and expressions in your text by using imagery and action words. They bring a kind of emotional detail into your song and make it pithy. 

It’s more than important to be sincere with your audience especially when it comes to the emotional part of the song. Try to express your own feelings the way they are and include your own life experience when writing the text. Make it meaningful without going too complicated.

Get on to your Melody

If you are a pro musician who wants to do the first steps in songwriting as well, then it’s better to have your own melody for the song. It should come from your heart and go well with the lyrics. Of course, you can start with the chorus and then pass on to the verses. 

In case you are a beginner, you may need to listen to several songs that sound pleasant to your ear and then try to find a matching melody for your lyrics. Actually, it’s a bad idea to steal someone else’s melody and no one advises you to do so, but you can just imagine what you need by listening to your most favorite melodies several times. Just sleep and wake up with them and one day you’ll realize you have found the best melody for your song.

Chord Progression

The next step is to add chords to your verses, chorus, and melody. The best thing about chords is that they allow you to compose an original melody. Between so many chords, you can choose the ones that provide the desired result. The types of chords include as follows; major, minor, dominant, diminished, and augmented. So, you have a wide range of chords, which give you the chance to compose what you need.

The Rhythmic Motif

The rhythm is as important as the title. Both should be memorable. It’s not a secret that the vast majority of hits (no matter the genre) come with memorable and catchy rhythmic motifs.

People love songs with outstanding rhythm and popular chords. So, the well-mixed rhythm and cords are all you need to please today’s audience. For beginners, we would advise you to focus on the chords and rhythm while listening to your favorite songs. Just try to catch them and think of similar yet more original versions for your song. You can even use a background track

Take Time for Rest


Why is this step important in songwriting? Well, when you brainstorm, when you collect all your thoughts, and when you think too much on one thing, there comes a moment when your brain gets tired and stops providing you with fresh and creative ideas.

A little time for rest allows you to refresh your brain and then you realize that better thoughts come to you. This refers to both the process of writing the lyrics and composing the melody. The collected ideas in your brain start to find their place and give you a well-balanced plan of what you are going to do. After all, a well-rested head is better than an exhausted one.

Connect the Melody and Lyrics

Now, it’s time to connect the melody with the lyrics. You already know which part of the melody is meant for the chorus and which one for the verses. Try to focus on the part of the melody that best goes with the chorus as it grabs more attention and becomes more memorable.


In the majority of cases, intros are short and simple. If you think you need an intro then make sure it’s short like the intros of radio songs. Nowadays people don’t like to listen to long and dull intros. The simpler it is the more pleasant for the ear of the listener it will be. 


Finally, you have reached the step where you are supposed to record your song. In order to get a high-quality record, you should use professional tools and instruments. Refer to a professional musician who has up-to-date instruments or do it yourself if you have the needed tools. This is probably the most important part in song creation, so gather all your energy and do your best to create an awesome combination of what you have. 

Practice both vocal and instrumental parts and see what’s missing or what’s odd in the recording process. Consider every single note and each detail to come to a perfect result. Don’t forget about the emotional part; sing as if you are trying to express all the beauty, pain or happiness that you have out into the words of the song.

In fact, there are many more ideas and ways on how to write a song but here we have given you the concrete guide with 10 most important ways of songwriting. These are the most reliable tips that will help you write a song even if you have never ever done it before.

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