Logic VS FL Studio: Which One Should You Choose?

Logic vs FL Studio? What DAW do you think is going to be better for you? In this review article, I’m going to cover the differences between Logic and Fl Studio to help you pick which one you should buy.

The TLDR of this article is that if you want to work with a lot of audio – recording audio and manipulating audio – then Logic is going to be the better choice for you. However, if you want to focus on beat making and loops, then LP Studio is the more suitable DAW.

Pretty much all DAWs have the same features, so I’m not going to list every feature that both Logic and FL Studio have. Instead, I’m going to give a brief introduction of each DAW, the pros and cons compared to the other DAW, and some more features that you should pay attention to.

Main Differences Between Logic and FL Studio

At a very top-level view, here are the differences between Logic and FL Studio.

  • Logic only works on Mac computers while FL Studio works on both Logic and FL Studio. This may be a big deal depending on your personal computer setup. I have a Macbook and Windows desktop. Since I have two different operating systems, I’d like to use just one DAW. Otherwise, I’d need to learn two different DAWs.
  • Logic Pro costs $200 (at the time of writing this and the price has stayed the same for a while). On the other hand, there are different versions of FL Studio to choose from. This means you’ll not only need to figure out which version to buy – and make sure you get the one that has all the features you want – but FL Studio guarantees that you’ll get free upgrades forever.
  • FL Studio is more suited to beat making and working with loops, while Logic works with audio much better.

Read on more to find out the specifics between Logic and FL Studio.

What is Logic?

Logic – officially called Logic Pro – is a DAW for MAC systems. It’s known for being an easy DAW to get started with. Many music producers start out working with MAC’s Garageband and then move on to Logic when they are ready to take music production more seriously.

That’s not to say that Logic can’t be used for more complex projects – it absolutely can – but it’s known for being easy for beginners to get started.

Logic Features

Here are some specific features that Logic has that aren’t in Fl Studio.

Live Loops

Live Loops lets you create music in real-time. I’ll be honest with you – this feature can be pretty confusing to learn and get started with, but the Live Loops feature is supposed to help give you inspiration and make music.

A ton of great-sounding virtual instruments

When you first download Logic, you are prompted to download over 70GB of sounds. Now, these sounds aren’t as good as something like Native Instrument’s Komplete, but the sounds that Logic gives you are much, much better than many of the free virtual instruments you’ll find online.

Here are some of the sounds you’ll get with Logic:


Logic pro installed sounds


Also, you’ll be able to easily add these to Logic without making sure you download the correct file type and put them into the correct folder and all that mess like you’d have to do if you’re getting free VSTs from the internet.

Logic Remote

If you are an Apple fan, then you know that Apple products usually work very well together. And Logic is no exception. If you have an iPad or iPhone, then you can use those to work with Logic.

You might think “I’d rather work with a full computer. It’s easier and more precise.” But if you’ve ever recorded vocals, then you know how much of a pain in the butt it is to run from your vocal both back to your keyboard.

Pros and Cons of Logic Compared to FL Studio

Here are the pros and cons of Logic compared to FL studio.

Pros of Logic Compared to FL Studio

Here are the pros of Logic compared to FL Studio.

Logic Pro Comes With Everything You Need

Logic is pretty much everything you need to make professional music out of the box. Not only is it a fully functional DAW, but it has many instruments and plugins that come along with it.

Easy To Learn

Logic is known for being easy to learn. I’m used to using Cubase as my main DAW, but I’ve been using Logic on my Macbook. I’m really starting to like using Logic. FL Studio, on the other hand, is really intimidating when you first open it up. I think FL Studio’s interface is more difficult to understand compared to Logic.

Cheap And Easy To Understand Pricing

With Logic, you just pay $200 and get everything you need. FL Studio, on the other hand, you’ll have to figure out which version you want to get. You’ll need to compare the different versions and make sure the version you get has all the features you need.

Cons of Logic Compared to FL Studio

Here are the cons of Logic compared to FL Studio.

Only Available on MAC

In my opinion, there are better DAWs than Logic, but when it comes to comparing Logic to FL Studio, the only con is that it’s only available on MAC.

It’s more expensive

There are four different versions of FL Studio. Logic costs more than the two cheapest versions of FL Studio.

Would I recommend Logic?

Logic gives you a lot of bang for the buck. It’s just an all-around great DAW to use. You can read more about Logic in our Logic Review 2021.

You can get Logic here.

Now, let’s take a look at FL Studio.

What is FL Studio

FL Studio is another DAW. Before it was called Fruity Loops and was known as a popular DAW for people working with loops and electronic music.  They got rebranded as FL Studio, possibly to get away from the stigma that it’s only used for working with loops.  FL Studio can do more than just work with loops now. but that’s really where its strengths are. Creating Loops in Beats.

FL Studio Features

Compared to logic, FL Studio doesn’t really have many extra features.

Piano Roll

All DAWs have a piano roll, but I often hear people praising FL Studio’s piano roll. I don’t see anything special about it, but a lot of people really like it.

Pros and Cons of FL Studio Compared to Logic

Here are the pros and cons of FL Studio compared to Logic.

Pros of FL Studio Compared to Logic

Here are the pros of FL Studio compared to Logic.

Works on both MAC and PC

FL Studio can be used on both MAC and PC systems. That means if you’re trying to decide between FL Studio and Logic and you only have a PC, then that means you have to choose FL Studio.

Cons of FL Studio Compared to Logic

Here are the cons of FL Studio compared to Logic.

Doesn’t work with audio very well

The biggest complaint I hear about working with FL Studio is when people are trying to record or work with sound. It’s a big pain in the but and with the cheapest version of FL Studio, you can’t even work with audio.

Would I recommend FL Studio?

I personally don’t really recommend FL Studio and would not recommend it unless you want to focus on beat making, electronic music, or hip-hop. You can read more about FL Studio in our FL Studio Review 2021.

You can get FL Studio here.

Logic vs FL Studio: Which one is better?

I think in pretty much every situation you should choose Logic over FL Studio. If you only have a Windows machine and you’re trying to pick between Logic and FL Studio, then you have to pick FL Studio because Logic doesn’t work with Windows machines. 

Also, you might want to choose FL Studio if you only want to focus on making beats. FL Studio is very common in the beat-making community and there’s plenty of tutorials and guides about how to use FL Studio in that capacity.

That said, Logic works much better with audio recording and audio editing.  Logic is also very easy to get started and the interface is intuitive and perfect for beginners. However, it only works on MAC machines.

If you have a MAC I would choose Logic.

Alternatives to Logic and FL Studio

There are other DAWs besides Logic and FL Studio. Read our other DAW reviews and comparisons to find out which is the perfect DAW for you.

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