Fl Studio Review 2021: Is This The Right DAW For You?

Music producers have many options for DAWs these days and FL studio is one of those options. But how does FL Studio compare to other DAWs like Cubase and Logic Pro? Read this FL Studio Review 2021 to see if FL studio is the right DAW for you.

FL Studio is one of the most used DAWs out there. It’s certainly not the most used, but it’s very popular. Popular enough to think about using as a full-time DAW.

It was originally called Fruity Loops and focused on working with loops, but now the DAW can be used to record audio as well (at least the higher-priced plans).

Let’s look at some of the different aspects of FL Studio.

Plugins and sound libraries

As a musician, it really helps to have many tools in your arsenal. These days, and especially in dance and electronic music, virtual instruments (VSTi) are the tools you’re going to need to make music. 

The good news is that FL Studio has your back when it comes to stock instruments, plugins, and sound libraries. Let’s take a look at some of the more impressive of these.

The full version synth bundle comes with various synthesizers that you can use for electronic, dance, or pop music. I guess you could use these synths for other types of music, but those are where they really shine.

One of the synths you get is called Sytrus, a synthesizer that has all the features you expect with a synth including 13 filter types. It also comes with preset patches that were created by big names like deadmau5.

And the good news is that if you purchase the synths and plugins to use in FL Studio, they aren’t tied down, meaning you can use them in other DAWs if you want.

Besides instruments, FL Studio also has plugins like reverbs and delays that you’re going to want to use. This is great because that means you’ll need to spend that much less on third-party plugins. It’s always a great deal when your DAW helps you save money.

User Interface

FL Studio has an interesting user interface. And to be honest, as someone that is coming from other DAWs like Cubase and Logic, FL Studio’s user interface doesn’t make that much sense when starting out.

But after getting the hang of the user interface, you’ll be able to make great tracks like you’ve always wanted.

Again, I think the UI is more suited towards electronic music and using loops. I prefer other DAWs user interfaces, but that’s just one guy’s opinion!

fl studio interface


There’s not too much to say about FL Studio when it comes to functionality. Most DAWs have the same functionalities, but just different ways to do the same thing. I will say FL Studio really excels when it comes to programming loops and rhythms.

Learning curve

FL Studio looks really overwhelming when you first open it up. The channel rack especially looks like it’s really hard to figure out. That said, after you get the basics down FL studio can be much easier to learn compared to something like Cubase.

Pros of FL Studio

FL Studio is capable of doing most of what you need with a DAW, but there are some things that FL Studio does especially well.


You can use FL Studio on MAC or PC. For some people, this isn’t a huge deal, but I have a desktop computer and a Macbook Air. Having a cross-platform DAW allows me to produce music at home and on the go without needing to learn another DAW.

Being able to do everything in one DAW is a great feature and you don’t have to worry about being tied down to one system.

Great With Loops and MIDI

A lot of rappers and electronic musicians like using FL Studio because of its use with MIDI and loops. Pretty much all DAWs are going to allow you to use virtual instruments and loops, but a lot of people say that FL Studio does a better job.

Popular Among Beat Makers

I don’t think you should only choose a DAW because other musicians use it, but because there are so many other beatmakers and rappers that use FL Studio, that means there are a lot of tutorials and resources to learn this type of music production.

If you just want to be a beat maker, then it’ll be hard to find a better DAW than FL Studio.

Cons of FL Studio

Here are some things that FL Studio doesn’t do as well as it should.

Not the greatest when it comes to recording audio

You can certainly record audio with FL studio, but some of the lower-priced versions don’t have audio recording features. Problems with recording audio is probably one of the biggest complaints that I hear when using FL Studio, so if you’re looking to record a lot of audio, then FL Studio might not be for you.

Can be hard to learn for producers who are used to other DAWs

This is the thing I dislike most about FL Studio. I’ve used Cubase and Logic and I find that FL Studio is pretty awkward to use. I find the DAW difficult to use and learn and I’m already happy using other DAWs, so I really don’t want to put in the work to learning FL Studio.

Conclusion: Is FL Studio a Good DAW?

For most uses, a music producer can’t go wrong with picking one of the main DAWs out there and FL Studio is no exception. Especially if you’re into electronic music and using loops, FL Studio would be a great DAW for you.

If you are mostly focused on recording audio, there are many other DAWs that are going to suit your needs.

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