How long is a bar in music?

I remember when I first started playing music. I didn’t start out reading music, instead I started out playing music by ear. It wasn’t until years later when I got to fifth grade band that I saw a piece of sheet music for the first time. Not only was I learning how to read music when I started band in school, I also had to learn the language that musicians use in a more structured setting. Later when I joined jazz band, I had a question about this. I kept hearing the term “bar.” You may have heard that term to and thought to yourself “How long is a bar in music?”

What is a music bar?

You see, a lot of times musicians in different environments will call the same thing by different names. A bar in music is just another name for a measure. So a typical bar has four beats in each measure.

But, as you know, not all music is written in 4/4 (pronounced “four four”). It can also be called common time, but that term is usually used in school settings.

So a bar, or a measure, has a certain number of beats. In the case of 4/4 time, there are four beats in each measure. In the time signature 3/4, there are only three beats per bar. You can tell how many beats a measure gets by looking at the top number of the time signature.

So if you see a a time signature of 5/4 you know that each bar has five beats.

What does the bottom number mean? For example, in the time signature 6/8 how many beats are in a bar? In the time signature 6/8 each measure has six beats, but you have to count it a little differently than say something like 6/4.

But I’ll cover that in another article.

So, how long is a bar?

Almost 90% of the time, a bar is just four measures. If a musician just tells you “give me four bars” without telling you the time signature, then that means just give them four measures of four beats each (sixteen beats.)


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