12 Easy Sublime Songs on Guitar for Beginner Guitarists

Ready for some more easy songs on guitar? Today I’m covering easy Sublime songs on guitar!

Sublime, known as a reggae-rock band, was a ska-punk music band from California. The band was formed in 1988 but broke up just after eight years of its formation after the death of its leading man Bradelle Nowell in 1996.

On the 25th anniversary of Sublime formation, they teamed up again to pay tribute to Mexican-style songs. They are working on many other projects for welfare purposes and the music community. Many of their early singles remain tried and true in summertime and stoner anthems, even though some of the lyrics haven’t stood the test of time.

Despite the puns, Sublime is a terrific band for anyone who enjoys the witty nature of ska-punk and the laid-back vibes of reggae. It is fantastic because they were innovative and they’re the type of music guys you’d want at your party. 

By breaking down the 14 best Sublime tracks, we’ve planned to head back to the 1990s and revisit my favorite music tracks as a teen. 

Easy Sublime Songs on Guitar That are Worth Trying 

This list of Sublime songs that we think are pretty cool. If you know these songs already, make sure to give them a try on the guitar. Take a look at the following tracklist for the most classic Sublime’s songs of the time.


Probably the best Sublime song is Santeria. If you want to know about a great summertime song, Santeria is one of the most loved songs. 

The hazy temp and the slow soulful voice of Nowell make this song stand out. It is a pretty emotional song because it was released after the death of its vocalist, and sadly he was not present in the world to see the success of this track.

Garden Grove

Sublime can swap genres fluidly like frequent tunes with traditional country-rock style in the beginning and then slowly and progressively adding reggae and dub elements to the remaining song. Garden Grove is an excellent example of this, and it’s one of the best tracks by Sublime because of its fluid genre transitions.

The song’s flow starts with a country style, then jumps to reggae, dub, and South Coast hip-hop. All of these tones make it a perfect and unique soundscape to play on a guitar. 

What I Got

Exploration is a good thing, and Sublime was obsessed with trying and exploring new genres. There are many reasons for liking Sublime, and one thing that attracts the listeners the most is their surprising nature; you can never guess what they are going to release in their next album or solo. 

One excellent example is What I Got, a catchy track that combines acoustic guitar solos, hip-hop, drums, organs, and reggae-style rapping. You can feel the kind of vibe that makes you want to get together with your friends and chill out in the sun.

Pawn Shop

Sublimes’s leading guitarist, Micheal Happoldt, fantastically gives a great musical feel to all of Sublime’s songs. Single songs on guitar are not easy to sing, especially those associated with dub and reggae music. 

Pawn Shop is a dominant reggae dubbed solo, and it is the most chilled song ever to learn and play on guitar. The song Pawn Shop is an excellent example, yet a superb overdriven guitar solo dominates it. 

Other features for this song include a technique of pinch harmonics and heavy metal instrumental music. It is an excellent example of innovative musical exploration by outstanding brand individuals. 

Doin’ Time

Sublime created a masterpiece as a hip-hop beat to characterize Bradley’s relationship in which he feels trapped as if he’s “Doin’ Time.” While an excellent song in and of itself, Lana Del Rey’s cover of “Doin’ Time” remade the song in 2019.

Sublime occasionally incorporates hip-hop aspects into their music, particularly when it comes to percussion and vinyl scratching. Doin’ Time, a superb track that combines reggae and hip-hop to create an early example of modern-day dub music.


Wrong Way is their fantastic melodious song to sing on guitar as a beginner. Try it, and have a good experience.

This song has characteristics including a ska-punk approach. The sublime brand gives this track a little faster among all. Off-beat and brass ad-libs were famous in ska music.

Smoke Two Joints

If you are a Sublime fan, you have probably noticed that the band loved marijuana, cannabis, and smoking throughout their entire career. Just download this song if you don’t have one and listen to it; it says all about the said fact.

The band’s devotion to themselves profoundly impacted their music, helping them create so many lighter compositions by providing them with the carefree, happy feelings they needed.


A bass-based party song, and a traditional Sublime song that makes you relax all the time. Badfish is a relaxing well-known Sublime song. It’s like an anthem, and it was a reggae-style song.

Vocals for Badfish are amazing; Nowell sings this song brilliantly. 

It was the band’s most favorite number and is on their albums’ compilation. If you want to learn an amazingly good song on guitar, start with this song.

Caress Me Down

Dub music is loved by many, and if you are also a dub lover, you will know about the kickoff bassline in the song. The song’s bassline swiftly moves from a bass guitar to a synthesizer. 

An extensive sound system will help you in this regard, and you can listen to the shifting of sub-bass synthesizers. Vocals for this song are also powerful as those are based on Caribbean and Jamaican reggae vocal techniques.

You will surely love to try the Sublime songs as these are mixtures of reggae, ska-punk, and dub music. Caress me down is another soundtrack to play on guitars. 

Same In The End

Without any question, this is one of the most popular Sublime songs and one of the best ska-punk songs of all time. You can try this song on guitar as a solo too, imagine you are sitting on your balcony and singing on a drizzling night.

It is especially pleasing to hear these absurd tales sung in staccato as if they were raps rather than songs. This technique was popular among the second and third waves of ska, and this song was an excellent example.

April 29th, 1992

In most of Sublime’s songs, they talked about their life and incidents, and luckily their songs hit the charts. Sublime members never took their life seriously, and their lyrics and vocals reflected all they did.

One excellent example of this is the documentary April 29, 1992 (Miami). It is about the traces of the crime and destruction during the 1992 Los Angeles riots. Hence they selected the title.

This song justifies the band’s involvement in riots, even though they don’t condone violence. It’s just fascinating material, and you will be amazed how Stereogum described this song; it would be the best piece to try on a guitar.

Let’s Go Get Stoned

Sublime’s songs are mainly reggae-oriented, but they tried different genres too. This song is also based on cannabis use stories, lyrics, and poetry.

You want to relax, feel free of tension, or imagine landing in another world without worries, and this song will surely give you relaxing feelings. Although the song is a reggae tune, near the end, there is a psychedelic guitar solo that brings to mind Jimi Hendrix.

That’s it for easy Sublime songs on Guitar

You will learn more by exploring the Sublime band if you don’t know them. Although Sublime is an old brand, their songs are still in demand, and people love to hear the voice of Novell, the vocalist. Most of the tracks are story-based, purely based on the lives of brand members, and describe their interest and love for cannabis. 

No doubt, it is not a good thing, but sometimes it gives a relaxing feeling to the mind when you listen to such songs in loneliness. Most of the band’s songs are reggae, hip-hop, ska-punk, or a blend of all types. If you want to play or learn a piece on guitar, these all numbers are a good option.

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