11 Easy Beatles Songs on Guitar You Can Start Playing as a Beginner

Are you a huge fan of the Beatles? As a beginner guitar player, do you feel hesitation and have some fear about playing music? There’s no need to worry; we have an easy solution.

Beatles songs are the best options for learners who want their fundamental skills in music. So, we decided to put together a list of some easy Beatles songs on guitar.

The Beatles were an international sensation, a musical quartet. Four teenagers George, Paul, Ringo, and John from Liverpool, proved global cynosure during the 1960s. They were the most popular and successful band of the modern era, including fashion, music, and film industry.

Fortunately, many of the band’s songs are surprisingly simple to master, so even if you’re a rookie guitarist, you can start playing Beatles tunes right away. 

Let’s have a glimpse of the top 11 picks that are easy and worth learning.

11 Easy Beatles Songs on Guitar for Beginners & Professionals

Beatles songs are like diamonds mine for all new and old guitarists. Most of their songs are unique, simple, story-based, focused, harmonious, and technically impressive. The guitar is an obvious choice for most of them. 

Whether you are an experienced performer, an aspiring artist, or just a regular person, you will find something to love in the Beatles songs. Everyone tries to carry the band’s music with them. 

Despite the genre’s demise, their music is still being streamed and downloaded on the internet, providing fans with a chance to experience the music that defined a generation.

Without further adieu, here are the easiest Beatles songs to play on guitar.

Yellow Submarine

The first song on the list is Yellow submarine, a Beatles children song penned down in early 1966. Kids love this masterpiece, and adults also like the song because it is nostalgic. This is the brand’s most recognizable song and is very easy to learn by kids on guitar. 

McCartney composed this song, and little hands feel comfortable and easy to play the song keys. It is fantastic to play tunes in key G, and there is no reason for beginners to face any difficulty in learning. Yellow Submarine is the winner of the UK’s Ivor Novello award. 

It is a children’s hot favorite and most loved song, and they enjoy it while learning. There are a lot of all six strings strumming, and most of the time, five chords are used, which makes it easy to play.  

The only difficulty you can feel while verse section and speed of chords do not match. Otherwise, it is entertaining to switch between beat one and beat three. 

Don’t Let Me Down

This song is from the Fab Four’s final year together. “Don’t Let Me Down” features some odd instrumental accents, keeping with the Fab Four’s artistic proclivities and counterculture worldview. 

George Harrison and Paul McCartney prepared a melodically startling alternate verse of the song. As a result, the song gained its signature bluesy sound and soul vibe, which some listeners had already forgotten about at the time.

This masterpiece is in the key E, which is much easier than other keys. It can also be played by using a trio of chords in key D. The progression for this song is Em7 Em7 A7 D. As for strumming, it’s effortless to play.

A Hard Day’s Night

It is one of the most popular Beatles’ tunes. It has the same name as a band documentary. It’s more lenient than other Beatles songs, and you’ll have to spend a bit more time learning it, but it’s worth it.

Although “A Hard Day’s Night” has up to 12 chords, many guitarists merely play six easy chords only for ease. Even if six chords appear too much for you, remember to start slowly and gradually increase the tempo.

A few new chords may need to be learned as G, Bm, Em, C7, Cadd9, F, Dm7, D7, and Dm11 are included in this Beatles song. If you haven’t yet learned 7th chords, go for it, these chords have a bluesy tone.

Let It Be

It also comes in top Beatles songs to play; it is a popular song, so you can start singing in no time. It will be an excellent try to start as the lyrics are comfortable and easy to sing.

The entire song is based on four chords: three major chords and one minor. Only C, G, Am, and F are required. You might not have learned the F chord if you’re a brand-new guitarist, but it’s the first type of barre chord you’ll learn, so it’s very important to learn.

The B and high E strings on the first fret are barred with your index finger. At first, switching between F and other open chords will be difficult for most novice guitarists, but it should become simpler with practice.

Paperback Writer

“Paperback Writer” was written by the Beatles in response to Paul McCartney’s aunt’s request to write about “something intriguing” rather than love. John also provided some lyrics, but this is Paul’s written virtually entirely song.

Though the characteristic riff on this track is fun to play, the rhythm makes it the most accessible Beatles song to perform. You only need an E major and an A major with a capo on the third fret.

If you like, you can also learn the riff. It is undoubtedly one of the first Beatles songs you should look at if you’ve just started playing guitar and are looking for some beginner songs.

All Together Now

This is the second easiest tune after Don’t let me down to play. It got fame due to its rhyme-like tone and easy-to-learn lyrics. People can easily play the three chords in this tune, making the light-hearted nature of the music all the more apparent. 

There is D major, G, and C major to keep the fingers of the novice guitarist busy. And if you think this is elementary, then you can always dive into the playing style of this song. However, the simple strumming best means to play this Beatles excellent masterpiece.

All You Need Is Love

Few people realize that the earliest lyrics for this Merseybeat song were written many years ago by Paul McCartney and the other Beatles members. To give the song its trademark vibrant vibe, John Lennon added his musical genius to the bridge. 

Its lyrics differ from other love songs because they show optimism and positivity. Even if no one is singing the lyrics, the song’s message of love reaches everyone. 

Only the G7 and C major chords appear in the original tune. Adding a D major chord in the bridge makes this song as simple to learn as feasible for novices. It’s also one of the Beatles’ most enjoyable and engaging tunes. 

Get Back

DonJohn Lennon and Paul McCartney co-wrote one of the band’s smash songs, “Get Back.” There are only three chords in it as well. Only a D major, G major, and a power chord are required.

It’s a basic tune, especially in comparison to some of the other songs on the list. “Get Back” is a great song to make your version of because it’s made up of simple chords. 

Love Me Do

Love Me Do is an excellent choice for people who are more comfortable strumming than fingerstyle strumming. It’s a tune I frequently offer to people looking for a piece of music to play during casual parties.

The C major chords and G7 are the only ones used in the original song, adding major D chords. It’s also one of the Beatles’ most enjoyable and engaging tunes.

I Saw Her Standing There

Because of its bright feel, Beatle fans prefer to play this song at parties. Like so many others, this tune can help you improve your strumming technique as well as your hand-to-hand and hand-eye coordination. 

To play it, you’ll need to know four chords: C, B7, E7, and A7. Once you’ve got it down, you can work on a different strumming approach to give the song a punchier feel. Because of its lively atmosphere, it’s a terrific party song.

Here Comes The Sun

This piece is one of the most exciting Beatles songs and an excellent composition for a beginner guitarist to master. If you’re still not confident, you can brush up on your basic strumming techniques. 

This 1969 Beatles folk-pop classic is also a terrific piece if you’re ready to push your guitar playing to the next level. 

The six chords used in the song are G major, A7, D and B-flat major, and F major. It’s worth noticing that the chords contain the more difficult F major and B-flat major chords. 

That’s it for easy Beatles songs on guitar

Beatles fans are still very keen to learn about their songs, and some who have good music sense try to practice the songs. If you are a Beatles fan and a new guitarist, you would be happy to have the above-listed 11 songs. These all are easy to learn and enjoyable to play. 

All pieces are the best masterpiece of that era with sky-high popularity. Songs are soulful, and lyrics give rhyme-like feelings; kids and youngsters all can enjoy the beats.

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