10 Best Clip on Guitar Tuners – The Best Tuners I’ve Found

Nowadays you can find a wide range of high-quality clip-on guitar tuners in the market. The matter is what you really need for your guitar, and what are your expectations regarding the functionality of the tuner, as well as the type of guitar you use. 

It’s important to find the right tuner for your guitar. Whether your guitar is acoustic, electric, or even a bass guitar, here are the 10 best clip-on guitar tuners that we’ve found.

The main function of any clip-on-guitar tuner is to measure vibrations in the actual wood of the guitar which lets you tune your guitar. There are some aspects you must consider when thinking about buying a clip-on guitar tuner. 

Before getting into the best clip-on guitar tuner, let’s look at what you should consider when buying a tuner.

Things musicians should look for when buying a guitar tuner

Any musician knows how important it is to keep their instrument in tune. However, not everyone knows how to choose the best option for a tuner. And as a musician, you’ll be using your tuner quite a bit.  

Let’s look at what you need to look for in a guitar tuner.


When talking about accuracy, one should consider the fact that clip-on tuners have no problem with accurately reading the low E string on acoustic or electric guitars. On the other hand, some tuners face some difficulties with any note lower than that. This means that the tunings on lower notes don’t sound very accurate. 

The vibrations of lower strings are slower compared to higher strings and the tuner hardly picks up the vibrations. So you if you’re always tuning low or have more strings than six on your ax, you need to make sure the tuner you’re buying works with lower notes.


When buying a guitar tuner, you should also make sure you opt for a high-quality and durable option. I know I’ve dropped my tuner quite a few times.

There are thousands of high-end tuners out there and you can easily find the best one considering both the price tag and material. According to many professional guitarists, it’s not a necessity to follow the idea of “the more expensive the better” but the cost usually tells a lot about the quality of the product. Checking the durability of a product is no longer a problem as many people share their personal experiences on the internet.


As for functionality, of course, a tuner is supposed to tune the instrument, but there are some other details to consider. The tuner has a microphone built-in, which allows you to detect very low-level vibrations. But there are also some other functions that you should look out for.

For example, some tuners don’t have bright green and red lights that tell you if you’re in tune. Or they might not have a backlit screen. These are really important features you need if you’re going to be playing in dark clubs a lot.

Here are the top 10 best clip-on guitar tuners

Now, let’s discuss the 10 best clip-on guitar tuners and find out the advantages of each of the products. This will help you easily pick up a tuner for your instrument. Let’s jump in.

1. Snark ST-8 Super Tight Clip-On Tuner

The first tuner on our list is the Snark ST-8 Super Tight Clip-on Tuner. It’s one of the most popular tuners on the market. It works both for right and left-handed players. This tuner includes a vibration sensor, internal microphone, tap-tempo metronome, and hertz tuning.


  • Redesigned processing chip and pitch calibration
  • Bright display and 360 swivel head, which allows tuning at all angles.
  • A super tight clip that stays in place firmly.

Snark ST-8 Clip-on Tuner Check Price

2. KLIQ UberTuner

The next on our list is the KLIQ UberTuner. It’s designed for guitar, ukulele, violin, bass, and chromatic tuning modes. You can also use it for mandolin and banjo. This tuner allows you to play more and tune less. It comes with a full-color display, tap-tempo metronome, chromatic tuner, intuitive jog dial, memory backup, backlit LCD display, AUX input with volume control, and a long-lasting 3V CR2032 lithium metal battery. It is quite easy to use.


  • Transposition settings for Bb, Eb, F, and D woodwind and brass instruments.
  • Multi-point screen for the best viewing angle.
  • High sensitivity piezo sensor for blazing fast and accurate tuning.

KLIQ UberTuner check price


3. D’Addario Guitar Tuner

D'Addario Guitar Tuner review

This D’Addario Guitar Tuner is created for acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, mandolin, banjo, and ukulele. This compact tuner features a 360-degree swivel mechanism which means you won’t need to worry about trying to view your tuner in a weird angle. It offers a tri-color backlit screen, which displays the note in red when out of tune, yellow when close, and green when in tune. This is one of my favorite features of this tuner. 


  • You can use it in dark stages or in direct sunlight thanks to the tri-color backlit screen.
  • Works for left and right-handed instruments as well as on small and large headstocks.
  • Full-color display and four selectable viewing angles.

D'Addario Guitar Tuner check price

4. FT-1 Professional Clip-on Tuner

The FT-1 Professional Clip-on Tuner is a compact, dual-hinged clip-on tuner made for acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, mandolin, violin, ukulele, and banjo. It includes a CR2032 battery. You can tune your guitar on a dark stage. There’s not a whole lot to say about this tuner besides it does as advertised.


  • Easy-to-read tuning needle; backlight turns green when the note is in tune.
  • Thanks to the built-in vibration sensor you can easily use it in noisy environments.
  • The screen can be swiveled in various directions to make it viewable from any angle.

FT-1 Professional Clip on Tuner check price 

5. Real Tuner

Real Tuner - Chromatic Clip-on Tuner review

Are you looking for a superb tuner with stylish design, bright full-color display, extra mic function – A4 pitch calibration, and transposition? Here is the Real Tuner. It’s an easy-to-read tuner with great accuracy and high quality. It’s suitable for acoustic guitar, electric guitar, classical guitar, 4-string bass guitar, ukulele, banjo, violin, cello, mandolin, trumpet, saxophone, flute, brass, and other woodwind instruments. The tuner includes a 3V CR2032 battery.


  • There are no hidden buttons on it and it offers full 360-degree rotation.
  • Bright display which allows you to see everything the device is doing while tuning.
  • Tuning is super easy.

Real Tuner - Chromatic Clip-on Tuner check price

6. Tuner On Guitar

Tuner On Guitar - Clip-On Tuner for All Instruments review

Tuner on Guitar is meant for all types of instruments requiring tuning. It is easy to use and tune your guitar quickly. This tuner comes with a CR2032 battery and offers a slim, lightweight, trendy-looking design. It turns 360 degrees.


  • Clear 3-Color LCD display with a good backlight.
  • Excellent battery capacity
  • Firmly fits on the headstock and is small enough to take with you.

Tuner On Guitar check price


7. Ranch Guitar Tuner Clip-On

Ranch Guitar Tuner Clip On review

Offering a small and compact size, the Ranch Guitar Tuner Clip On is next on our list. The needle shows gray when out of tune and bright green when in tune.


  • Fast and accurate; you can tune in seconds thanks to a highly sensitive sensor.
  • It includes 4 tuning keys that you can choose- Chromatic, F key, B flat key, and E flat key.
  • A bright LCD display screen is ideal for the darkest stages.

Ranch Guitar Tuner Clip On check price 

8. TC Electronic Polytune Clip

TC Electronic Polytune Clip is designed with three modes and is considered one of the most accurate tuners out there. It has a nice design and a bright display. The chromatic mode comes with an accuracy of 0.5 cents. The strobe mode provides 0.02 cents accuracy. This product includes lithium metal batteries, which last 18 hours.


  • High-quality stainless steel clip.
  • Polyphonic tuning allows you to tune all 6 guitar strings at once.
  • The display is bright enough thanks to the 108-LED matrix.

TC Electronic Guitar Tools check price


9. Korg PC1 PITCHCLIP Low-Profile Clip-On Tuner

Korg PC1 PITCHCLIP Low-Profile Clip-On Tuner review

If you’ve ever bought a tuner, then you know the brand Korg. One of the latest editions of Korg is the Korg PC1 PITCHCLIP Low-Profile Clip-On Tuner. It is loved by many modern musicians thanks to its functionality, high-end design, and quality. This tuner is adjustable with 120 degrees of movement. The red light indicates above and below pitch and green when it’s spot-on.


  • High accurate tuning offering fast and ultra-responsive results.
  • Clear, bright, and easy-to-read LED display
  • This tuner is good with the higher strings too and works well on a range of instruments.

Korg PC1 PITCHCLIP check price


10. Fender “Bullet” Chromatic Tuner

Fender Bullet Chromatic Tuner review

There is an extremely small tuner. You can keep it in your guitar bag and tune anytime you need. The Bullet Tuner is a modern accurate tool for musicians at every stage. This tuner includes 2 LR44 batteries.


  • Powerful engine with a noise-proof vibration sensor
  • LED screen is quite bright and it allows using it in any environment.
  • Despite it being fairly small, the visual display is easy to read.

Fender "Bullet" Chromatic Tuner check price


Now you have the list of the best clip-on guitar tuners. Try to choose the one that best suits your instruments and gives you the opportunity to tune it fast and easy. You can always keep up with the customer reviews as they help to find out not only the advantages of any product but also the possible disadvantages.

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